Private Training

the girls1aJPGEnjoy all the benefits of an experienced professional trainer in the comfort of your own home, the streets of your neighborhood, and your favorite parks. In Step Dog Training provides one-on-one training for owners and their dogs to help with basic commands, bad habits, challenging behaviors and training assistance for those who travel or with time restrictions. Training is tailored to your specific pet’s needs. Servicing the towns of Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Windsor, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Sonoma, Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Healdsburg, and more.

Behavior Consultation

Typical session time: 1.5 hrs. Find out if In Step Dog Training is right for you and your pet with this get-acquainted session. Share your interactions and history with your dog, as well as behavioral issues and observations. Learn more specifics about the management and training techniques of In Step Dog Training. Set goals for your pet and assess your current training skills. Information gathered during this session helps determine a custom-created training plan for your pet.

Day Training

Cheyenne old computer 250Typical session time: 1 hr. Whether you have a new puppy, an exuberant adolescent, or a dog with difficult behaviors, it’s never too early or too late to start training! Reinforce positive behavior and eliminate bad habits with this guided instruction program! Day training gives you the choice of private lessons or having your dog trained when you are at work or busy elsewhere.

Packages include:

Problem Behavior Solutions:  Aggression toward dogs or people, over-protectiveness, possessiveness (resource guarding), shyness, fears and phobias, separation anxiety and more.

Obedience Skills: Teaching polite manners, curbing nuisance behaviors such as inappropriate chewing, barking, counter surfing, pulling on leash and jumping up and more.

Puppy Training and Management: Learn games to play with your puppy that enhance bonding and build the foundation skills for prevention of future problems.

Dog Sport Preparation: Want to try out some of those dog sports you been hearing about, sports like Agility and Competition Obedience, Rally?  Basic skills such as focused attention, reliable off-leash recalls, solid stays are perfected.

Walk & Train SessionsKelly & Sassy 1

Typical session time: 1 hr. Prerequisite: Behavior Consultation or Puppy Primer Meet your pet’s need for exercise during the day with Walk & Train Sessions! In Step Dog Training‘s  trainer, Nancy, will personally walk your dog while you work, teaching your pet leash etiquette and basic obedience reliability. Learn the same training techniques and enjoy walks with your pet when your work is done! Minimum of twice weekly walks recommended for desired, long-lasting results.

Puppy Primer

Jack1Typical session time: 1.5 hrs. Be prepared before you bring your new puppy home! Topics covered include: puppy proofing your home, setting up crates and gates, establishing feeding and relieving schedules, choosing appropriate toys, and what to expect the first week, month, and year with your growing pet. Prepare yourself and your family to build a good foundation for your puppy and eliminate bad behaviors before they start!

Choose That Dog!

Typical session time: 1.5 hrs. What breed of dog will best suit your family?  Or are you looking to adopt a rescue?  Should you get a puppy or an adult?  Where do you search to find your new companion?  These are must a few of the many questions that will be answered to help you and your family add that new best friend.