Feedback from Our Happy Dog Owners

Clients are raving about In Step Dog Training! Read what a difference the right trainer can make.

aussie-rescue“I’ve known Nancy for almost ten years—she’s my “go to” person when I need help with behavioral or training challenges. She helps people teach their dogs what is expected of them by encouraging favorable behaviors and redirecting unfavorable behaviors. Most of our rescued Aussies have taught themselves how to survive, and when they’re paired with a handler who completes Nancy’s training, they do really well!”—Kim K., Norcal Aussie Rescue

tasha2“Thank you so much for all the great training you gave to both me and my rescue pal Tasha. It was a pleasure to work with you and I found your clear instruction and explanations of what you were teaching to be very helpful. I am relieved that I will not have to re-home this sweet girl due to fear aggression and I am confident that if I continue to implement what you have taught me, she will grow in confidence and trust. I can now call her my forever four legged companion.”—Genevieve and Tasha

jack“Nancy just spent 8 weeks working with us and our small, untrained Yorkie. We had such a great experience with Nancy and I wanted to let others know how down to earth, level headed, and fun Nancy is to work with. Our dog, Jack had the run of the house and had our other older 2 dogs and the 3 adults in the house at our wits end trying to gain some control over his incessant barking, among other poor behaviors. He is now, with Nancy’s guidance, a much better participant in our family and we now have the tools to guide him. Our environment has changed from a stressful, loud, barking one to a more quiet household. There is a definite shift in the ambiance in our home. We had never had the proper tools to guide him and Nancy provided these to us. Thank you, Nancy.”—Martha & Ralph Harmon

taz“The first thing that I wanted to say is that Nancy has enabled us to turn a really bad situation into a pleasant dog ownership experience, once again! For this our family is most grateful. We realize that we still have a really long way to go with our Aussie Taz, and that we may never get to where we want to be with him. But a few months ago when we tried to re-home him to avoid euthanizing him, I could not have imagined that we’d be able to achieve this level dog ownership functionality again. Heck, we’re even having moments of sheer joy and fun again! This, of course, is all thanks to Nancy! We think Nancy has a rare talent and the local dog world needs to know about her! And of course we tell all our dog friends about her.  But, really the best marketing engine for Nancy is our grumpy old Taz himself! People come over to our house and want to know what changed, why is Tasman acting so different! That’s when we get to rave about how great Nancy is. Our most heartfelt thanks.”—Judith Hadley

Honeybear“We met Nancy Dougan last summer when we adopted our dog Honey Bear, a one-year-old stray who had a rough start in life (picked up by animal control when she was 10 months old, rescued from a high-kill shelter covered in mange, and put up for adoption after two months with a rescue/adoption group). Honey Bear came to us full of love (not to mention various parasites), but without any obedience and manners training. Within a week, she was acting aggressive towards strangers, highly reactive, and fearful. We even (briefly) contemplated sending her back for re-adoption. After a couple of months of working with Nancy, Honey Bear is settling in very nicely with our family.”—Caroline Christian

Ruby and Pepper1“We thought we were doing some things right for our fearful, aggressive Australian shepherds, Pepper and Ruby, but Nancy Dougan helped us see techniques that would encourage a richer relationship. We needed to create more leadership from the dogs’ point of view and didn’t realize that using games and training would help us accomplish so much. We saw that some key suggestions she made about their behavior actually helped us to understand how the dogs saw their life in our home. It was exciting to see the major changes in our day to day games with them. We were dealing with two dogs that challenged us and now the dogs are dealing with two humans who challenge them!”—Sandy and John Bressler

Zeux-4“My once stubborn and unruly Giant Schnauzer has turned into a well-mannered and much loved companion after working with Nancy. Her positive approach to obedience training is both effective and lots of fun. I used to have to leave Leo at home, now he goes everywhere with me and I’m always complimented on his excellent behavior. I truly enjoyed working with Nancy and credit her knowledge and expertise with fostering the wonderful relationship I now have with Leo. I highly recommend her!”—Laurie Menmuir

romo“When I adopted my energetic, young German shepherd, Romo, I knew I had a challenging road ahead of me, but Nancy helped me tackle the situation from the get-go. She covered everything from theory to hands-on practice, and working with her was always fun and interesting. A family friend referred me to Nancy and I was thrilled to find all the praise justified!”—Lauren Stevens & Romo

akc“Nancy Dougan is a knowledgeable trainer with experience with numerous breeds, making her uniquely qualified to train with a dog’s breed characteristics in mind. She has a true understanding of working with the fear/aggressive dog; her insights, skill, and patience are great tools in turning around a fearful dog. She’s flexible and patient and always has countless ways to solve any one problem or training challenge. I’ve had the good fortune to train with Nancy and work alongside her in dog-related activities for a number of years and I highly recommend her.”—Pamela Dallas, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator